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Jun 28, 2017

The Sky's the limit

The sky really is the limit for the TV and satellite industry giant SKY. With the recent roll out of there latest technology SKY Q providing consumers with the facility for a more fluid viewing experience in multiple rooms complete with 4K and ultra HD, who would have thought that watching TV could be revolutionised much more? Think again!

SKY have now officially rolled out the latest update to the sky q platform and it is true indication of how the Satellite broadcasters are leading the way in the future of watching TV. “Users can now search for a myriad of content using their voice, sky’s universal search feature searches the entire EPG to find upcoming show times”. The newly modified remote which enables viewers to interact with there sky q box using there voice has plummeted the satellite broadcaster in the future of television. Is this the future of our industry? It sure seems like it and we are extremely excited to see what the future holds.