Multi Room TV Installations

Digital TV in every room, which ever digital platform you choose, sky, Freesat, Freeview all working independently of one another North West Aerials can supply and install the best multi-room system tailored to your needs.

Setting up Multi-room

Our engineers will be able to set-up your digital television service so that you can watch whatever channel you like in different rooms. You don’t need a new satellite dish and our team can set-up your home quickly, professionally and at an affordable price.

Multi Room Audio

Music piped into multiple rooms is not a new thing, for decades people have installed speakers in rooms and connected them up to a central Hi-Fi amplifier using speaker cable.

Security Systems

We take security seriously. We design and install our own security systems from start to finish, including the subsequent management of your system. We think it’s the only way to guarantee that your security system meets our exacting standards.

Automated Lighting Control Systems

Our lighting control systems give you the power to remotely control all of your lighting from a single screen, wherever you are. We can even give your home a mind of its own, allowing it to intelligently allocate lighting automatically